Sneaker List: Stop worrying so much about always being PERFECTLY prepared

SNEAKER: Stop worrying so much about

always being PERFECTLY prepared

Submitted by Laurie M.

GOAL: Stop worrying so much about always being PERFECTLY prepared

EXPLANATION: I find that I am so caught up in being afraid of being under prepared and terrified of having to “wing” anything, that I spend far too much time over-preparing to make sure everything is PERFECT before it ever sees the light of day. While this means that I present a good face to the world and impress people with my skills and professionalism, it also means that I am frequently exhausted with far too little free time. I need to learn to find a balance and trust that simply “preparing” is enough.


1. Draw a picture with my opposite hand (Note to self: It won’t be perfect and that’s okay)

2. Mess up my desk & don’t touch it for a week (Note to self: Just because there is disorder, doesn’t mean it is impossible to function)

3. Go to a meeting without a pen or any other writing utensil (Note to self: Learn to rely more on others)

4. Play a board game that I haven’t tried before (Note to self: I may not win but I can still have a good time)

5. Send an e-mail update to friends and family without re-reading it first (Note to self: Trust that there may be mistakes but friends and family won’t care)

6. Take a pottery class and create and paint an imperfect piece (Note to self: Live with imperfection)

7. Try a new sport (Note to self: Understand that I won’t win the Gold medal first time out)

8. Take an improvisation class (Note to self: Learn to be spontaneous)


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2 responses to “Sneaker List: Stop worrying so much about always being PERFECTLY prepared

  1. >OK, Laurie M… I don't think I could ever, ever do items 1-6 on your list! Send an email without re-reading?!!! What if I have typos? What if I don't realize I wrote "nad" instead of "and" until after I've hit SEND?! But now that you've laid down the gauntlet… I feel I have to try to rise to the challenge. So here I go… without re-reading this comment… (here I go)… SEND!

  2. >Jill – Ha! Your comment made me laugh! And your reluctance to do those Sneaker items is exactly WHY you should do them! It's all about trying things and proving to yourself that the world won't end if your "worst" happens. And the most realistic outcome is usually much better than your worst prediction anyway!

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