Lisa’s Sample Sneaker List

Below is an example of one of my Sneaker Lists. I have different lists for different goals. I am posting this one as a sample of how to create a Sneaker List of your very own!

Lisa’s Sneaker List:

GOAL: To release the need to control everything in my life

1. Be flexible about watching TV shows and movies (Note to self: Read the spoilers, miss the beginning)
2. Try a food without knowing what it is (Note to self: Step outside the usual list of foods)
3. Play a game without fully understanding the rules (Note to self: Mess up in front of others)
4. Take a swing dancing class (Note to self: Stop leading—learn to follow)
5. Go skiing (Note to self: Off the bunny slope)
6. Walk in the rain without an umbrella (Note to self: Get wet/dirty & embrace the stares)
7. Be a follower for a day (Note to self: Put myself entirely in someone else’s hands)
8. Go on a trip without an itinerary (Note to self: Be open to unexpected adventures)
9. Go on an upside-down rollercoaster (Note to self: No more kiddie rides)
10. Flying trapeze (Note to self: Let go and trust that someone will catch me)

As explained in the Make A List section, I started at #1 and worked my way to #10.

Good luck creating your own lists! I can’t wait to see what they look like!


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