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Sneaker List: Establish Expertise…

Establish expertise in my area of interest…
Submitted by Ariel R.

GOAL: Establish expertise in my area of interest by continually demonstrating (and gaining!) knowledge

EXPLANATION: I avoid doing this at home, at work, at conferences, at social gatherings. I lose sight of the point, and thereby my motivation. I lose sight of the bigger picture and get mired in day to day tasks. I lack confidence in my knowledge. I am naturally introverted.


1. Spend at least 15 minutes a day reading news and blogs

2. Spend at least 10 minutes a day talking to someone I don’t usually talk to

3. Write a blog post

4. Go to a show

5. Go to a lecture

6. Go to a meetup

7. Read an essay

8. Complete a new solo work

9. Complete a new work with coworkers

10. Obtain a speaking engagement

11. Submit to a festival


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Congratulations on choosing to participate in The Sneaker Experiment©!

Everyone is at their own step in their readiness to take that first step, and that’s totally fine!

If you’re just here to read other people’s Sneaker experiences, that’s okay! You’ll join us on your own journey outside of your comfort zone when you’re ready.

You may be ready to create your own list today. Great!  Please share it with me and I’ll share it with the rest of our  readers so that they can give you support on your journey and possibly get inspired to create some list items of their own!

Today might be the day where you actually take that first step toward conquering one of your Sneakers! If so, congratulations! I know it sounds trite, but it really is the hardest part. Please tell us what happened when you tried that first item on your list!

You might be a veteran of the Sneaker Club who has conquered and perhaps shared many of your own Sneakers. If so, welcome back and thank you for sharing!

Whoever you are, I’m so happy to have you here! Now, let’s get our Sneakers dirty!

This is not an advice blog, nor is it a blog that is all about me and my thoughts about life.
The purpose of this blog is to connect a community of people who are all taking part in The Sneaker Experiment©, and who will benefit from reading about each other’s experiences while participating or preparing to participate in this movement.

It is a home to return to again and again as we continue to blaze through our own personal Sneaker Lists.

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